YZY Backyard Studios and Granny Flats

Canberra Outdoor Strcutures are the sole distributor for ACT and surrounding NSW.

YZY backyard cabins, granny flats and timber studios come from Europe, where Nordic Pine Spruce is grown in FSC certified forests. When trees are ready, they are cut, delivered to the manufacturer, treated in a wood drying kiln and then milled according to an engineering drawing. All parts are then packed on a pallet and shipped to Australia.

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Materials: Healthy, Recyclable, Sustainable

Nordic Pine Spruce, material YZY products are made of, is hardy wood harvested from FSC certified forests. Not only does this means that YZY backyard studios don't hurt our Planet Earth but also are healthy for people to be in. You will be delighted to feel the smell of wood inside a cabin, breath in with ease.


European studios created for Aussies

All YZY backyard studios have been designed to suit the needs of Australians. More windows were added as Aussies live in a piece of paradise and are blessed to have 90% of sunny days a year and like enjoying it. Also, downunders are used to open their windows outwards in contrast to Northern Europeans who open their windows inwards, so engineers redesigned windows to be convenient.

Designed to be an easy process

YZY also sought out how to make the process of acquiring an extra room in a backyard as much as possible hassle-free and even fun. After heaps of consultations and discussions with Australian building engineers and Certifiers, dimensions of YZY products were designed to meet the standards of Exempt Development Code of NSW state-wide policy which in simple English means an outbuilding may be installed without the Council approval.

MALTA, 42m² Granny Flat

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Malta is our 2 bedroom studio designed for people looking for a cabin with an extra room for guests. Also, the second bedroom may be used for a hobbies like arts and crafts or an office. Malta is perfect for a holiday property, granny flat or a rental room.

CRETE, 12m² Granny Flat


Classical style Crete is perfect for those looking for a gym, a Home office or a recreation space. Designed with love and superbly manufactured timber backyard studio is always inviting to kick back and relax on a deck after a day’s work.

IBIZA, 60m² Granny Flat


Ibiza is our 2 bedroom granny flat which combines modern style with natural aesthetics. Designed in linear style with Colorbond cladding, Ibiza looks warm and inviting with the natural timber details: decking area, timber architraves and fascia. Ultra-low energy building that will require little energy for heating or cooling.

GREENLAND,57m² Granny Flat

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Greenland is our 2 bedroom granny flat designed for people looking for a cabin with an extra room for guests. The second bedroom may be used for a hobbies like arts and crafts or an office. Greenland is perfect for a holiday property, granny flat or a rental room. Assembled in 4 days.

SICILIA, 20/30m² Granny Flat


Elegant and modern design of Sicilia attracts attention of many people wanting a quality extra space in their garden. Sicilia is meant to be a feather in YZY’s cap and is packed with superb features, such as double glazed windows and doors and superb grade 44mm boards.

ICELAND, 60m² Granny Flat


Iceland is an incredibly well laid out cotemporary 2 bedroom granny flat. This design has 2 spacious bedrooms separated with a generous size bathroom. Open plan living, dining and kitchen area seamlessly brings the outdoors through the abundance of windows. Assembled in 4 days.

MADEIRA, 60m² Granny Flat

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Madeira is our contemporary 2 bedroom granny flat architecturally designed to be a real lifestyle changer. Featuring a huge outdoor space conveniently step away from the spacious kitchen and lounge room, Madeira cabin is pefect for hosting the people you love.

CAPRI, 60m² Granny Flat


Capri in its idyllic style is perfect for those wishing to have more of a traditional style living. This 2 bedroom design is ideal as a young family home or parents retreat. Capri is functional building with an open plan living, kitchen and dining space that flows out to a good sized under roof front veranda.

RHODES, 60m² Granny Flat


A country classic English cottage style, Rhodes is a 2 bedroom design with a high-pitched ceilings and trendy exposed beams that make a building extremely airy and spacious. Open plan living, dining and kitchen space with abundance of windows.

CORSICA, 20m² Granny Flat


Corsica is a classic style spacious one room backyard cabin mostly used for a Home Office, Guest room, Teenage retreat, as a shed or an Art/painting studio. It is also perfectly suited for a pool house or a change room. This beautiful cabin can be built without council permission in NSW.

CYPRUS, 40m² Granny Flat

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Cyprus is our 1 bedroom studio with a large veranda at the front. Cabin is perfect for people looking for a larger extra room in their backyard or holiday property, granny flat or a rental room. Precut flat packed kits come conveniently on pllets and a studio may be assembled in 3 day.


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