Canberra Outdoor Structures

Canberra Outdoor Structures services Canberra, Queanbeyan and surrounding ACT and New South Wales regions with pre-fabricated timber outdoor and landscape structures—sheds, cabins, studios, cubby houses, decks, pergolas and gazebos. We also custom build.

make better use of your property
add value to your property
save money (cheaper than conventional building)

easy to order and fast and easy to install
choose pre-designed and fabricated or custom designed
select from stylish structures made to high standards

Owned and operated by Murray Fleming, Canberra Outdoor Structures is a fully licensed company. All structures are built with materials that last and meet all relevant building regulations.

SICILIA, 20m² Kit Home


Elegant and modern design of Sicilia attracts attention of many people wanting a quality extra space in their garden. Sicilia is meant to be a feather in YZY’s cap and is packed with superb features, such as double glazed windows and doors and superb grade 44mm boards interlock to create solid walls and ceiling.

CRETE, 12m² Kit Home


Classical style Crete is perfect for those looking for a gym, a Home office or a recreation space. Designed with love and superbly manufactured timber backyard studio is always inviting to kick back and relax on a deck after a day’s work. Take a time for a game of chess or poker with your nearest and dearest ones.

MAJORCA, 9m² Kit Home


The beautiful Majorca is our lovely little studio designed to be an adornment of ones garden. Compact size and stylish, fastest to assemble cabin is a bargain for those wanting a fast remedy to complete the garden landscape. Any handy man should DIY assemble it in just 1 day on a prepared level base.


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